Ayumiya is the creative home for two sisters, Ayumi + Miya. A studio for objects of quiet quality that is just a little different.

Ayumi is an artist and a designer, with an MFA in Furniture Design from Rhode Island School of Design. Influenced by her graphic design background, Ayumi finds inspiration in the making process. She listens to the material while pushing its limits.

Miya is an artist who cooked in rerstaurants for over a decade, before establishing Studio Ayumiya with her sister in 2020. Food continues to be a reference point in the way she thinks about materials and their physical creations.

Ayumi + Miya = Ayumiya

For collaborations or any questions, please reach out to us. We love new friends.

Iyo Rug – Loam

The Iyo Rug series is an homage to our Obāchan (grandmother) and her signature glasses she wore her whole life. They were well made and just a little different. As are these rugs. Each rug is hand-sewn to order in Rhode Island.

Lead Time: 6–8 weeks

Available sizes:
4’6”x7’3” (shown in photo)

Material (Loam): wool blend

Available colors: Loam, Dark Wave, City Fog

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Care: unroll immediately upon receiving and allow a few days for the rug to fully relax. Spot clean with mild soap with damp cloth. Use a vacuum without a beater brush. If needed, professionally dry clean. Indoor use only.

Droop Series

The Droop Series is about corners, an often overlooked space. It is a result of a series of experiments based on the idea of letting go of control.

Material: black glass

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Artifact Lamp

An irreplicable piece, crafted by glass and metal artisans. Each piece is individually poured into a sand mold used only once. No two lamps will ever be the same. An artifact of a moment in time.

Material: cast glass, copper, bronze

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© ayumiya 2022
© ayumiya 2022